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Agform's long term commitment to supporting growers, is shown by our investment in the long term development of technology, designed to provide solutions to the increasing problems faced in the UK and beyond. Increasing regulatory, environmental and financial demands, require new approaches. We use the most advanced research techniques to ensure these challenges are met and that we are able to contribute in a small way, in providing food for the growing world population.

Novel fungicidal Compounds
Molecular Modelling

Agform are utilising advanced computer modelling to lead our research into discovering novel molecules to control pathogens. The technique will help in the selection and synthesis of candidate molecules for testing in the greenhouse and field.

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Image showing a new molecule targeting a pathogen protein


Transcel®, Agform's proprietary submicronic technology, is being applied to a number of actives and provides the opportunity of transforming generic actives, or indeed novel compounds, in order to improve their activity and reduce their environmental impact and is likely to be an important step in meeting future regulatory and consumer demands.

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Submicronic technology increases the rate of plant uptake..

Advanced analytical techniques

Agform's facilities continue to support the development and introduction of Agform's innovative formulations for the control of important pests and diseases in many crops, often at significantly reduced rates compared to traditional formulations.

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Computer controlled laser apparatus has revolutionised development.