Formulation Development Services

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Providing resources to meet the demands of today and the needs of tomorrow.

By building on the vast experience we have gained, at the forefront of the development of crop protection products and investing in people and equipment, we can offer more than any other UK company to the grower. We provide high quality products, support their use and our efficient and cost effective supply chain. We are proud to be a part of an industry that will continue to be a vital part of the society in which we live.

Formulation and Process Development

Using the latest in advanced computer techniques, Agform develops the most effective formulation and delivery system for the active ingredient(s). Determining the optimum and most effective ingredients in a rapid and efficient manner, allows candidate formulations to be quickly produced for field testing soon after the project commences and frees the scientists from the previous time-consuming experimental procedure to allow them to offer creative solutions to the increasing demands on modern agrochemicals.

At every stage of the development program, the formulation is rigorously tested for its performance on dilution and in accelerated and warehouse stability tests to ensure the best quality product is provided that meets the customers criteria and maintains the high standards that Agform is known for throughout the industry

Analytical Testing

Agform's analytical facilities support and underpin everything that we do. The reassurance that the close monitoring of the development program provides robust formulations that do the job. The testing of formulations manufactured by Agform are also closely monitored for quality, to ensure the maintenance of properties in the field. This capability is particularly important in more advanced formulation types, such as microencapsulated and sub-micron products, where process variability may cause problems in use, if quality is not tightly controlled.

Agform's analytical facilites can support research, development and formulation manufacturing from the small scale to large scale, with the seamless approach that avoids the need to rely on any other CRO.

GLP Data Generation

Agform's new GLP facilities provide the formulation phys/chem data required by regulatory bodies thoughout the world to support the approval and commercial introduction of new agrochemical products. Having this function as part of the product development division means that the analytical methods developed do not need to be transferred to a separate facility, which leads to a far more efficient and cost effective generation of reliable and accurate data for both initial and storage property submissions.

With our overheads tightly controlled and spread over our own R & D, manufacturing and commercial function, we are confident we are the most cost effective source of GLP data generation

Formulation Manufacturing

Agform offers formulation manufacturing facilities for quantites from 5 to 100,000 litres. We are experienced in all types of formulation technology and particularly skilled in microcapsules, microemulsions, suspension concentrates, submicronic suspensions and dispersible granules. All operations are supported by our highly qualified and experienced staff which ensures an efficient and high quality product, whether a limited run of a few litres to long campaigns where dependability is critical.

New processes and their development are particularly welcome challanges, as our specialised know how can help find new solutions to the market and regulatory demands faced by our industry.

Reference Standard Synthesis

Agform's new chemical synthesis facilities are able to provide both radio labelled and reference standards of novel and existing agrochemical actives. In addition, synthetic routes can be identified to improve yields and purity, together with providing 5 batch analyses for interim technical equivalence certification, prior to the final establishment of the manufacturing location.

Our synthesis pilot facility can provide kg quantities of active material for small scale production and provision of field trial and market testing requirements. More detailed process design prior to production is possible to confirm and improve synthetic pathways, purity and yields at a reasonable scale.

Regulatory Support

With years of regulatory experience, Agform is able to provide support for many areas of regulatory submission and in addition, manage all aspects of the data generation and dossier preparation in order to support the product approval process. From the preparation and provision of formulation samples for efficacy and crop safety, the design of the protocols for the field testing and the interpretation of the data for BAD generation, we are here to help.

Contact us for more details on the assistance we can provide and following the necessary NDA, a no obligation quotation.