About our Company

Developing solutions for a growing world

We strive to make our technology work for you!

Agform Limited was established over 25 years ago to develop novel formulations of agrochemicals for the control of pests, in crops throughout the world. From wheat to rice, soybeans to vines, Agform has experience of the control of pests, in a wide variety of crops, using many different types of actives and formulations. Formulations that are defined by one single factor - improvement in the performance of the active.

In addition to developing and marketing improved agrochemicals, we offer contract research, development and formulation manufacturing services to those companies that want the best products and a flexible development resource. From organic synthesis and process development to formulation and large scale-processing, we are there to help.

Examples of our technical breadth and expertise range from novel molecule synthesis, controlled release formulations and submicronic technology, with process scale-up, project management and regulatory support.